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Nursing Student Compliance Program

The School of Nursing is committed to ensuring all nursing students are compliant with national and state guidelines for personnel providing nursing care, as well as additional/specific requirements mandated by the school’s clinical affiliates as set forth in the clinical affiliation agreements. Therefore all nursing students are required to be in full adherence to the school’s compliance program while enrolled in the nursing program.

The school’s compliance program includes immunizations, trainings, and a background check. Students will be held accountable for complying with the clinical eligibility requirements prior to entering the program and throughout their program of study. All students are required to keep their compliance documents up to date as an essential part of their professional responsibility for patient safety.

CastleBranch Compliance Tracking Solution

To better serve our students, the School of Nursing partners with CastleBranch to manage student health compliance documents. This management system allows students to order their own background checks online and store all required documentation. There is a one-time Castle Branch subscription fee ($35) that is paid by the student, as well as a cost for the background check ($58).

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Students who are not in compliance as of the first day of the semester, or who fall out of compliance during the semester, are not allowed to participate in classroom or clinical experiences, including practicum or research experiences in a clinical or other care setting.

Out-of-compliance students will receive an email barring them from participating in any/all course work; the relevant course professor(s) will receive a copy of the email. Students may return to classes once they complete the compliance requirement(s) or are able to provide evidence of a future appointment/registration to update the immunization or training requirement (e.g., CPR course registration). Students may return to clinical settings (including practicum or research experiences) only after the appropriate immunization or training has been completed and the documentation submitted.

Students who are out of compliance will have a hold placed on their university record, which will suspend the student’s ability to add courses; the hold will be lifted once the student is in compliance.

If you have any questions about the policy, feel free to contact us at: (608) 263-6945.

BSN@Home Student Exception: Students in the BSN@Home (RN-to-BSN) program are exempt from the school’s compliance policy until the term during which they will enroll in N519 Capstone Clinical. Once a student has been identified as eligible to enroll in N519, they will receive information on the compliance requirements and must satisfy all requirements by the stated deadline prior to the start of the course.

Questions on the compliance program should be directed as follows:

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